Our Team

Liberty Performing Arts comprises a group of Performing Arts experts from around the world, including versatile instrumentalists, performing arts instructors, composers, producers, creative directors, music directors, and more.
We uphold the utmost level of professionalism in our interactions with our students and clients. As such, we make certain that all our team members adhere to DBS and Safeguarding guidelines.
Adekunle Odusanya (BMus Music Performance & Production)
Founder/Creative Director

Adekunle Odusanya is a Creative Director, Pianist, Music Director, Composer, Arranger, and Educator. He has directed Musicals, Choirs, Ensembles, Orchestras, and taught music courses both privately and in academic settings.

Drawing from his vast experience in performing and creative arts, creative direction, and concert management, Adekunle is deeply committed to fostering collaboration within communities and nurturing creativity.

His passion for his work is evident in his ability to create engaging stage and theater productions, and his dedication to promoting artistic excellence.