Liberty Performing Arts

education, entertainment & Production.

Liberty Performing Arts is an organisation that focuses on Education, Entertainment and Production in Performing Arts. We deliver performing arts education and enrichment activities across academies, schools, colleges, and promote community engagement through performing arts.
Our main goals are centred around talent Scouting, talent development, artist Creation, content Creation and production of performing & creative arts events.
Our ethos and values are mainly to help individuals and communities:
  • Explore Performing Arts
  • Experience Performing Arts
  • Express Performing Arts
Founded by Adekunle Odusanya, a creative director, and performing arts educator who over the years, has mastered the art of development through performing arts. Liberty Performing Arts is a body that aspires to connect the world through education, entertainment, and production in performing arts.


Let us take you through a journey that engages with pupils to explore, experience and express Performing Arts. We set up a number educative programmes across schools, organisations, community centres and more.


Enjoy some of our world class entertainment packages with highlights from renowned professionals from across the globe in a variety of Music Concerts, Recitals, Musical Theatre and many more.


We bring ideas to life through our exhilarating productions across multiple platforms in Performing Arts. We work with a number of organisations from audio-visual production to stage, sound, lighting and design to bring the best display of excellence to you.

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