Liberty gospel choir

Liberty Gospel Mass choir is an interdenominational choir composed of people from different parts of the world but with one goal which is expressing God's love through music. The choir launches deep into Gospel, Soul, Jazz, R 'N' B and many more styles all in the aim of celebrating Jesus Christ. People who desire to develop confidence in their vocal abilities, sight sing and be a part of a family are welcome to join the choir. The ensemble takes each member through a course tracing the roots of soul, jazz, gospel inspired melodies, breathing exercises, Diaphragm breathing/singing, voice warm ups exercises, voice projection, tone production, ear training, improvisation and many more. You must have access to a piano and be willing to learn.  

Entry Requirements
All applicants must be able to show a high level of dedication even without a formal background of music education. 

At audition, you will be asked to sing a song and must prove your ability to listen and repeat what is heard.

Join Liberty gospel choir

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