Liberty Music & Arts Club

Liberty Music & Arts Club is a vibrant and enchanting space designed to nurture the love of music in children. Our club is the perfect place for young, aspiring musicians to explore, create, and bond over the magical world of melodies and rhythms. At Liberty Music & Arts Club we believe that music is a universal language that can unlock the full potential of children while providing them with endless joy and self-expression.


Features and Activities: 

🎵 Instrument Exploration: Children can try their hands at a variety of musical instruments, including keyboards, guitars, drums, violin,  voice/singing, and more, under the guidance of experienced instructors.

🎶 Group Lessons: We offer fun and interactive group music lessons tailored to different age groups and skill levels. These lessons cover the fundamentals of music theory, rhythm, and performance.


🎨 Creative Workshops: Kids can participate in song writing and composition workshops, allowing them to express their unique musical ideas and develop their creativity.


📖 Musical Storytelling: We incorporate storytelling into music to enhance kids' understanding of melody and rhythm. They can create their own musical stories and even perform them.


💃 Music and Movement: Kids can get groovy with our dance and movement sessions, designed to enhance their sense of rhythm and coordination.


🎤🎭 Recitals and Performances: Liberty Music & Arts Club hosts regular recitals and performances where children can demonstrate their progress and gain confidence in front of an audience. There is usually a concert at the end of each term.

🛡️📚 Safety and Learning: Safety is our top priority. Our dedicated and qualified staff members ensure a safe and nurturing environment for all children. We provide age-appropriate instruments and materials to ensure a fun and educational experience. All our tutors are DBS checked. 


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Gold Music Club Sessions

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  • Music Theory & Discovery Session

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